Hey again, you wonderful people! It’s me, your host of Going Gainesville and owner of Haymarket’s Salman Home Realty, Lesley Salman!

This week, I’m joined by my co-host, Susan McCorkindale, who is the Executive Editor of the Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine and Gainesville Lifestyle Magazine.

We’re featuring a winner of the “2019 Best Of” Issue for the Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine – Eugene’s Sausage and Fries! Needless to say – I’m so excited.

Jamie Ryder and Jason Hardey – owners – sat down with Susan and me to dish out the background on this delicious sausage eatery that’s taken downtown Haymarket by storm.

Social media is proof that Haymarket absolutely is head over heels about this place which, in four months, is chock-full of 5-star reviews and recommendations.

If social proof isn’t enough to convince you to stop and try their sausages, Eugene’s has taken home not one, not two, but FOUR “Best Of” category wins in Haymarket Lifestyle that is mailed out to 15,000 (no that’s not a typo) people in Haymarket.

️🏆 Best Casual Family Restaurant
️🏆 Best All-Around Restaurant
️🏆 Best Outdoor Seating
️🏆 Best Business Lunch

Goodness, they even made the cover of this month’s issue!

So where does the inspiration for these delectable dishes come from? The dynamic duo brings years of expertise to the table with Jamie having extensive knowledge in sandwiches (I’d like to attend whatever school that is) and Jason having an extensive education in sausages (I’ll be getting my masters here). They married their passions joining quality sausages and fan-favored sandwiches and we’re in love.

So then what’s up with the name? Eugene’s wasn’t easy to come up with, but Jamie’s middle name is Eugene named after long-time family friend so they dedicated the name of the eatery in honor of Eugene – and they’re doing his name proud.

So, of course, we had to taste-test the best menu of the best lunch spot in all of Haymarket… Here’s what we devoured:

🥖 Reuben (#1 seller) on a Pretzel Roll
🥖 Danger Dog (spicey!)
🥖 Casa Blanca
🥖 Chicago Beef (comes spicey or sweet)

It all works together amazingly, but you’ll have to taste it to believe it.

Wanna check this out? You’d be insane not to – so here are the details!

➡️ 15111 Washington St #113, Haymarket, VA 20169
➡️ eatateugenes.com
➡️ (571) 248-0767
➡️ Email: jason@eatateugenes.com

As always – thanks to Joe at Calibur Home Loans for sponsoring this video!