Hey hey hey! Happy fall – safe to say judging by the seeing of my breath this morning, we’re in the thick of it.

If you’ve not met us yet, we’re Going Gainesville – a local page that covers events, venues, and restaurants in Gainesville, Haymarket, and other surrounding areas. And I’m Lesley Salman – your host as well as the owner of my real estate business, Salman Home Realty (so if you watch this video and realize how amazing Haymarket is and you want to join us – call me).

Today we’re recapping the annual Haymarket Town Hall’s #HaymarketDay Parade – a favorite of us locals, and who better to be my co-hosts than my two favorites, Joe Brown with Joe Brown – Caliber Home Loans, Inc. (who also sponsored this video – thank you, Joe) and Becci Badillo of Nollypop Mobile Boutique (https://www.facebook.com/NollypopNet/) who you often see hosting my weekly event lives!

And our very special (and adorable) guest host, Gracin Badillo who is #MissGoingGainesville this year on our Going Gainesville float!

SO – obviously this event is just a ton of fun for our area to reconnect, support, and celebrate all that Haymarket brings to the Northern Virginia area. Joe walked us through the staging area where everyone was hyped to get the floats going! Can we all agree he pulls off a women’s sweatshirt amazingly well?!

Seeing these local families and businesses come together to support each other was nothing short of inspiring shining a light on what makes Haymarket so special.

So I’ve been apart of Haymarket day since 2004 when it was just a small thing and it’s grown yearly to be an event for the community. It’s been exciting to see how each year it grows.

So yeah – you’re definitely not going to want to miss this next year – it’s fun for the whole family. You can find more information on the Town of Haymarket’s website here: https://www.townofhaymarket.org/community/page/haymarket-day