Hey! Lesley here – owner of Salman Home Realty and when I’m not buying, listing, and selling homes, I run Gainesville and Haymarket’s “About Town” Page, Going Gainesville!

Joining me as my co-host for the first time is Beth Collingwood of Your CBD Store (Gainesville, VA) which happens to be nearly next to our featured business and star of today’s video, A la Mode Pies and Ice Cream!

Owner and baker, Khaled El-Khodari, sat down with us to let us get the inside scoop on this pie and ice cream shop. Khaled isn’t new to the restaurant scene – he owns a restaurant and bakery in Maryland with his brother giving him the experience necessary to bring his delicious pies to our area, something Gainesville had never had prior to A La Mode.

“Old-fashioned” “home-cooked” from scratch” “grandmother’s recipe” – these are all words to describe A La Mode.

Much like our area, A La Mode incorporates varieties from across the world into their pie shop. Mediterranean pastries, baklava, cookies, apple strudel, and banana bread are just a few of the tasty treasures you can find in their bakery racks.

American and Turkish coffees are also offered at A La Mode to compliment their bakery selections.

Want something on the cooler side? As the name hints, they also offer ice cream and milkshakes! Omar, Khaled’s son, sat down with us to tell us a little bit more about this pretty sweet place. Omar focuses on marketing and social to grow the business while his parents are in the back baking.

As such – he definitely knows what keeps the customers coming back, and of course, we had to make sure it was worth the trip (hint – it is). Here’s what we tried:

🍦 Lemon Marange (the crust is amazingly refreshing)
🍦 Baklava – we HAD to trie this. The raw honey is amazing
🍦 Blueberry Pie with Ice Cream – their specialty
🍦 Top Seller – Pecan Pie using high-quality pecans
🍦 Coconut Cream Pie (Omar’s fav)
🍦 Chocolate Cream Pie (Beth’s favorite!)

Today’s visit was pretty sweet (pun intended) and if you want to treat yourself (you deserve to), here are the details!

🍰 A la mode Pies and Ice Cream
🍰 14698 Lee Hwy, Gainesville, VA 20155
🍰 Phone: (703) 743-1389
🍰 Website: https://www.alamode-pies.com/

Also – as always, thanks to Joe Brown – Caliber Home Loans, Inc. for sponsoring this video!