It’s Thursday. It’s kinda rainy. And it’s time for our Going Gainesville featured video!

I know we typically feature food, but I promised you all the best businesses in Gainesville, Haymarket, and beyond – so we’ve got a little somethin’ different this time.

They say that an 🍎 apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about the dentist??

🦷 We’re featuring my favorite place to stop by every 6 months (after ample flossing and really awesome brushing of course), my dentist Alvorada Dentistry!

😬 Not often do you get to compare a dentist office to a spa, but Alvorada and Doctor Moore have spent 8 years turning this dentist office into a place you’re *not* scared to go to.

She truly loves what she does – in fact, here’s what she offers:
➡️ Family Practice (so yeah – kiddos)
➡️ Fillings
➡️ Crowns
➡️ Root Canals
➡️ Bridges
➡️ Implants
➡️ Laser Dentistry
➡️ and Invisalign

 Oh and guess what… they do even more. Their Opus Plasma machine is a fractional skin laser! Yeah – clean teeth AND no wrinkles or fine lines!? SIGN ME UP.

Here’s how to reach them:
🦷 Alvorada Dentistry
🦷 13922 Estate Manor Dr, Gainesville, VA 20155
🦷 (703) 754-7788

Oh, what’s that? You want to know about laser dentistry? Lasers are the latest and greatest in dental – it’s drilling teeth *without* the drill. It’s like dentist visits on easy mode – no anesthesia! (and no tears)

What insurance do they accept?
🦷 Most PPO Plans
🦷 Non-Insured (they have awesome finance plans)

🤑 And would it be a true Going Gainesville feature if *you* all didn’t get a little somethin’ somethin’ out of it for being our amazing fans? Use PROMO CODE: Going Gainesville for a discount on skin resurfacing!

Special, special thanks to our very supportive sponsors (as always):
💚 Freedom Bank of Virginia
💚 Potomac Title Group Services

Oh and hey – if you’re looking for a home or trying to sell one, I know a guy… well, gal… check out 🏡 Salman Home Realty!