We are BACK and we have the most fun place to show you this week with our featured video!

As you know, I’m Lesley with Salman Home Realty and when im not selling homes and making dreams come true, I’m your host of Going Gainesville.

Today me and my co-host, Tiereny, head to Cafe Pottery and I couldn’t be more excited! This place is way too fun to keep to myself and I’m so glad we can share it with you this week!

️🎨 Address: 9019 Center St., Manassas, VA 20110
️🎨 Phone: 571-377-882
️🎨 Website: https://square.site/book/FKMJPWD7TTZK…

Special thanks to Victoria King, Mortgage Loan Officer with The Fauquier Bank, NMLS #314753, and to Marti with Potomac Title Group Services, and lastly to Dr. Ben Magee with Bull Run Capital Investments, LLC.

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