Hey all and happy Halloween! Hoping the rain holds off of the kiddos tonight, but regardless – we’ve got a scary good featured video today.

If we’ve not had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Lesley Salman, your host here at Going Gainesville – a local community page that features businesses, events, and people in and around Gainesville / Haymarket, Virginia!

When I’m now chowing down at some of the best lunch spots in NoVA, I’m buying, selling, and listing homes through my Real Estate Agency, Salman Home Realty (so if you want to move closer to these pretty rad hot spots, you know who to call).

Today, I’m joined by the guy who you love to see pull up to an accident on notorious I66, Tosh Matsumoto of Exceptional Towing and Transport!

Today’s feature I cannot wait to show you. It’s Choong Man Chicken – Gainesville! We sat down with the assistant manager, Robin Sim, to hear a little bit more about this place.

Choong Man Chicken is a franchise that has grown to the US from its Korean roots. You may be able to spot quite a few locations in Virginia as well as a few other states.

Haven’t heard of Choong Man Chicken? They’ve actually only been open for 2-months in Gainesville If you *have* heard of this chill chicken joint, it was probably in the ever-popular Northern Virginia Foodies Facebook Group (shoutout to Andrew Sample, the creator), and shoutout to Paul Tomaselli – a Going Gainesville favorite fan!

But – onto the food – which is amazing. Here’s what we tried…
🍗 Garlic-Spicey Korean Fried Chicken Wings (definitely doable)
🍗 Garlic Tikkudak Tenders (really juicy – loved)
🍗 Snow Onions
🍗 Pickled Raddish (traditional side for Korean Fried Chicken)

Now I did NOT try this, but Tosh did…
🍗🔥 Red Hot Pepper Chicken 🔥🍗

Basically – we loved everything, and Tosh loved the spice. So all around, a win-win-win. Highly recommended! Thanks for having us! In the mood for chicken (who isn’t?!)? Here are the details…
🐔 Choong Man Chicken – Gainesville
🐔 7929 Heritage Village Plaza, Gainesville, VA 20155
🐔 (703) 743-1651
🐔 https://www.cmchicken.us/

And as always, thanks to Joe at Caliber Home Loans for sponsoring this video!