It’s Thursday and you know what that means – it’s the Going Gainesville weekly feature- and we’ve got somethin’ pretty sweet for you.

🍪 It’s Crumbl Cookies (Bristow)! If you didn’t know Bristow had a Crumbl Cookies, you’re not living under a rock – they just opened!

Victoria King, Mortgage Loan Officer and I, your lovely host – Lesley Salman with Salman Home Realty, ventured over to the fastest growing cookie franchise in the US. Trust me – you didn’t have to ask us twice.

The cookies are rotating – meaning they have a new 4 flavors every week with their two staples always on the menu – chocolate chip and chilled sugar. If you have their app, you can see what’s joining the menu on Sunday night! This is the insider info I AM ALL ABOUT.

With over 200 flavors – there’s something for everyone here. And more two or three for me.

All Crumbl Cookies are baked fresh DAILY – so yeah, yum. You can watch them bake these bad boys right in front of you – Crumbl Cookies has an open kitchen concept so you know the dough is fresh.

Wanna get your sweet tooth fix? Here’s how:
🍪 Crumbl Cookies – Bristow
🍪 9942 Sowder Village Square, Manassas, VA 20109
🍪 (571) 358-8925

Ps – try the key lime – it’s my FAV.

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