Hey you wonderful people! It’s me, Lesley Salman. If you haven’t had a chance to meet me or you’re new to Going Gainesville, I’m your weekly featured video host and owner of the Haymarket Realty Agency, Salman Home Realty. And today, I have a first-time co-host, Brad Lowery, owner of BPG Home Inspections.

Today we’ve got something pretty “sweet” for you (terrible pun totally intended). This has got to be one of my favorite places in all of Haymarket. It’s Cupcake Heaven and Cafe. And oh boy – is it heavenly.

Kim Newman, the owner of this blessed establishment, sat down with us to give us the business on her business. Kim’s road to Cupcake Heaven started when she was 12 and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

Unlike the name suggests, Cupcake Heaven bakes and brews more than just cupcakes. A full coffee bar and smoothies, sandwiches, and soups, breakfast sandwiches and quiche – should you, unlike I, think that cupcakes can’t count as breakfast. Forgot it’s Secretary’s Day at the office? Stop in, grab your latte, grab your secretary a latte and hit up their little gift shop featuring adorable little gifts sure to delight.

So what draws people in? The atmosphere – which, if you love having a “go-to” coffee spot, can be hard to find and make your own. And in case you workaholics are wondering – they’ve got wi-fi.

What makes Cupcake Heaven’s cupcakes better than the rest? The flavors, fresh ingredients, and uniqueness of their offerings.

What we tried (and loved?):

– Vanilla Almond
– Red Velvet (the most popular)
– Cookies and Creme (the crowd favorite)
– Turkey and Cheese Wrap (chipotle sauce)
– Veggie Quiche

The red velvet comes in two variations – buttercream and cream cheese. I say you definitely need to try both.

Kim – thanks for having us out, I obviously LOVED it and we think you will too – here are the details!

🍰 15125 Washington St, Haymarket, VA 20169
🍰 https://cupcakeheavenandcafe.com/
🍰 (703) 754-6300
🍰 cupcakeheaven@yahoo.com

Special thanks to Joe at Calibur Home Loans for the sponsorship! We love you, Joe!