We’re Going Gainesville and We’re Going to Death Ridge Brewery

Need a place to relax and enjoy local craft brews while enjoying great views with a side of history? Look no further than Death Ridge Brewery.

Nestled on the property of Higher Ground Farm, Death Ridge Brewery offers a variety of beer, wine, cider, and cigars! Built on a Civil War campsite, you can feel history and the Blue Ridge Mountains surround you as you enjoy a pint of their 1675 Vienna Lager, named in honor of the year William Deatherage first settled on the land!

Pair your drink with delicious local food while live music entertains your ears. And don’t forget to grab a glass of their limited release Coffee – Infused Lager to go with your sausage gravy pizza and churros during their Brunch and Bluegrass Sundays!

Watch for more info as we chat with the owners, Zach and Lauren – and get a promo code for $1 off a pint through September 15th!

Death Ridge Brewery
5393 Higher Ground Trail
Jeffersonton, VA 22724

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