Hey and happy Thursday! I know it’s that weird space in between the holidays and February that seemingly drones on for all eternity – bleh. How’s everyone holding up?!

It’s Thursday so that means it’s time for your featured Going Gainesville video showcasing either a local business, local charity, or local event in our area. A little bit about the page – think of us as the answer to the question “What’s there to do in Gainesville, VA?!” Well, that’s what we’re here to answer – and after more than a year exploring all Gainesville, Haymarket, and the surrounding areas have to offer – the answer is “a lot.”

Who am I? Well, I’m your friendly, neighborhood Going Gainesville host, Lesley Salman! When I’m not in front of a camera (or behind a cupcake bar), I’m helping buyers and sellers list and find their dream homes in Gainesville and Haymarket. I own Salman Home Realty and if it comes to homes in our area, I’m your gal.

Today I’m joined by friend and familiar face, Andrea Dotterer of Authentic Empire, LLC – her business where she teaches you how to build your brand the right way on social media. How cool!

Where did we end up? Getting inspired at Inspired Cravings!

If the teaser intro wasn’t enough to entice you, we sat down with the owner, Taria Ramos, to learn a little bit more about her little slice of heaven, Inspired Cravings.

How are they different than the other cupcake places? The journey starts in the home where Taria’s children suffer from a lot of allergies making baking quite a challenge. Her goal was to just create a cake – one cake they could enjoy. That single need spun off into the amazing shop she has today.

They’re vegan – no dairy and no eggs, no peanuts, no tree nuts, no soy, AND they have gluten-free options. Inspired Cravings gives people with allergies the opportunity to really enjoy a bakery setting nibbling on a bakery item they otherwise haven’t had a chance to experience.

They really understand gluten-free too. Everything is separate so there are no cross contaminants for the gluten-sensitive.

Want to place a catering event order? They deliver! And you’re sure to be the office favorite after placing this order.

How does she describe the flavor? While it’s free of a lot of items, it doesn’t affect the flavor negatively – in fact, she regularly received emails that these are the best cupcakes her customers have ever had!

What we tried? Aka what we LOVED:
🍰 Vegan, Gluten-Free Triple Chocolate
🍰 Vegan Honey Raspberry Crunch
🍰 Vegan Salted Caramel

If you couldn’t tell by our faces, we LOVED it. You’ve got to check this place out. Here’s how!
🍰 8002 Crescent Park Dr, Gainesville, VA 20155
🍰 (571) 261-9913
🍰 https://inspiredcravings.com/