Hey – thanks for tuning is (as always). I’m your host of Going Gainesville, Lesley Salman, and humble owner of Salman Home Realty (for those of you thinkin’ of moving into the little slice of heaven we call Gainesville / Haymarket), and I’m here with my two co-hosts you might recognize from our other segments, Becci Clark Badillo from the Nollypop Mobile Boutique, and Joe Brown with Calibur Home Loans!

And we’re at – you guessed it – the ever-popular Jiffy Lube Live outdoor Pavillion performance venue in Manassas. Joe’s favorite spot – the lawn – is such a unique experience. You bring your blankets, your chairs, your friends, and you make the show really your own.

Heads up for you Iron Maden and KISS fans, they’ll be gracing the grounds at the Pavillion here soon. Be sure to say hi to Joe! He’s been going to shows since 1979, with his first being, you guessed it, KISS!

Lawn blankets not your style? You can still enjoy the night sky but with lawn chairs in the reserved lawn seats. This area puts you right next to the concessions and Jiffy Lube Live does not hold back when it comes to concert accouterments. They have craft beer, cocktail bars, chair rentals, and – yes – clean bathrooms.

Being open to the elements too much of a risk? Jiffy Lube Live hears ya. Probably THE BEST seats in the house beside stage side, the box seats – what seasoned Joe says is the ultimate experience at Jiffy Lube Life. Waiters and waitresses, right in front of the soundboard, 50 feet from the stage and comfy seats.

Using their “made-to-order ordering tool” (what would you call that thing??), you can summon your waiter at a craving’s notice to bring custom cocktails, meals, apps – all at a push of a button.

Who is down for a Going Gainesville box?!

Next up – the pit. These are the seats closest to the stage, and according to Joe, the consolation prize to the coveted box seats. These seats are the full experience – you’re right up there with the performers feeling the music in a way that only Jiffy Lube Live’s sound system can bring.

Country Mega Ticket. If you love country music and haven’t heard of it, you’re living under a rock, but we’re here to shed some light. You get acts like Dierks Bentley and more – and you get the VIP area in the back just for these ticket holders.

Which brings us to the backstage VIP area. They’ve definitely added to it, so if you’ve done this in the past, you’ve gotta come back again.

So we’ve covered lawn, reserved lawn, box seats, the pit, and VIP, and Joe says the final jewel to this Jiffy Lube Live crown? The Dominion Club. Air-conditioned, all you can eat and drink, private bands – need we say more?

Want to plan your summer excursion to Jiffy Lube Live? Here’s what you need to know.

️🎶 7800 Cellar Door Dr, Bristow, VA 20136
️🎶 (703) 754-6400
️🎶 https://www.livenation.com/venues/14407/jiffy-lube-live