Hey, look – we made it to 2020! Hope your holiday season was as rewarding as it was relaxing (yeah right – but we can dream). Back at in here in 2020 with your Thursday featured video!

But before we jump into getting our flow on, a little bit about this page. Going Gainesville is a local community page that follows the unique aspects of what makes the Gainesville / Haymarket (and nearby areas) so awesome. While we chit chat about the area all week long, on Thursdays, we feature either a local business, event, or charity that we’d recommend checking out.

But who in the world am I? I’m your host! Lesley Salman’s my name, and real estate is my game when I’m not out interviewing Gainesville celebs. So, if you know someone who wants to work with someone who knows almost everyone in Gainesville… *nudge nudge.*

Today I’m joined by my adorably sweet co-host, McKenzie Hollingsworth from The Spotted Leopard – a custom cabinetry and furniture painting company (they’re also voted Best of Haymarket – so, ya know).

Where are we dragging you viewers to this week? Mystic Flow in Gainesville – a wellness center and spa – and let me just say, after these holidays, I can use all the healing I can get (massages don’t hurt either).

So – Mystic Flow also won Best of in the Piedmont Magazines for Gainesville and Haymarket for the “wellness center” category – let’s find out why! We sat down with owner Adriana Benoit and one of the staff members, Shawna Carl, to learn a little bit about this spa.

“Because we have the best clients.” There’s something to be said about a business that simply cannot get their clients to stop spreading the word – and that’s exactly what Mystic Flow has done – cultivated a fan club of an overly satisfied customer base – not an easy thing to do in the spa industry.

Mystic Flow’s business strategy is to keep asking what the clients want. They source their service list based on client feedback, meaning your opinion really does matter, and it shows.

And what are those services? Balance, services for your body including massages and flow therapy – anything that helps relieve stress. Clarity – which is astrology, readings, and coaching or guidance, and finally, Harmony – which is working with your mind to include hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and TRE. (just to name a few).

The help benefits of all of these services? Pain management, joint and aching muscles – the list is endless and your plan can be a combination of any of the services offered at the wellness center.

So what the hell is the float pod? You have to check this out! It’s a sensory deprivation… well, I guess, a pod is truly the accurate name – where you can create a custom experience with light, sound, etc. to either tune in or tune out the world and its never-ending stresses (holiday guests, I’m lookin’ at you… kidding). The saltwater allows you to float effortlessly (yeah, not looking for swimming lessons in the dark) to create a relaxing, stress-free environment leaving the user feeling nicely refreshed. Floating is between 60 – 90 minutes depending on your package.

Did I mention – foot detoxing? Sign me up and sit me down! They also offer hydro-massages (don’t worry, you don’t get wet) – they have half-off specials too so your wallet won’t be in pain either!

Want to get started on your New Year’s Resolution to be more at peace? Here’s how:
💆 Mystic Flow Wellness Center
💆 http://www.mysticflowwellnesscenter.com/
💆 6884 Piedmont Center Plaza, Gainesville, VA 20155
💆 (571) 284-7612

And as always – thanks to the Loan Goat, Joe Brown with Caliber Home Loans who sponsored this (and all of our other amazing) video!