Hey! Happy Thursday, and quick intro, as always – I’m your Going Gainesville Host, Lesley Salman of Salman Home Realty and today I’m excited to introduce my co-host, Amelia Stansell with Experience Old Town Warrenton which brings me to today’s location – you guessed it – Old Town Warrenton!

We’re at Sandy’s Kitchen where owner, Sandy Freeman, gives us a glimpse into the restaurant’s tagline “uncommon eats.”

And not too often does our featured business have co-hosts, but today we do! The Mayor (right?! we’re gettin’ fancy now) of Warrenton, Carter Nevill, and the Executive Director of Experience Old Town, Charity Furness joined us at Sandy’s to experience Sandy’s unique libations and dishes.

Sandy had worked at Old Town for years and fell in love with the area calling Old Town Warrenton a big family. Sandy’s is unique because it’s not just a restaurant, it caters to the “grab and go” community with packaged wines and beers.

But the main difference Sandy’s brings to the dinner table? Their food. Every day at Sandy’s is unique as its owner with the featured specials being whatever she thinks works best. Vietnamese food on a Tuesday? Welcome to Sandys!

Haven’t heard of Sandy’s? No no, the neighborhood gossip isn’t on vacation – Sandy’s actually just opened in the last few weeks and the reception has been phenomenal.

Travelers Bags – a key term to know when you grace the doors of this uncommon establishment. Sandy’s has a packaging license which means your delectable to-go meal can be complete with the perfect compliment of canned wine or beer – something most restaurants can’t offer.

So what uncommon eats did we try?

– Pastrami Sandwiches with bread sourced from a local Sterling bakery
– Southern Chicken Salad with Mango
– Banh Mi Sandwich which is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich.
– Redskin Potato Salad
– and Sandy’s House Made Kimchee

Want to check out what’s so uncommon about Sandy’s? Of course you do – here are the details:

– Address: 19 Culpeper St, Warrenton, VA 20186
– Phone: (540) 359-6624
– Website: https://www.sandyskitchen.online/
– Email: sandy@sandyskitchen.online

This featured video is sponsored by Joe Brown of Calibur Home Loans – thanks Joe!