Can you believe it’s already the LAST Thursday in June!? Time is flying.

That said, Thursday means our featured business, which we’ve got something pretty sweet lined up. I’m Lesley Salman, your Going Gainesville host and your friendly neighborhood Real Estate Agent at Salman Home Realty (so if you know someone lookin’, I’m sellin’), and today I’m joined by the ever-talented Grayson Badillo!

Which is perfect for today’s feature – we’ve decided she’ll study to be a professional ice cream taster for Swilies in Downtown #Haymarket! Watch to see the inside scoop about Susanne and David Corbin’s sweet business.

Special thanks to Victoria King, Mortgage Loan Officer with The Fauquier Bank, NMLS #314753, and to Marti with Potomac Title Group Services, and lastly to Dr. Ben Magee with Bull Run Capital Investments, LLC.

And I’ve got to shout out to the Nollypop Mobile Boutique who styled me for this video (and who has an adorable ice cream loving daughter, Grayson!)