Hey! Happy Monday – no, it’s not Thursday and you didn’t accidentally sleep in for four days, but we needed a little final editing on our featured video to have it ready for you all here at Going Gainesville. So – here we are. We think you’ll find this one… relaxing (hint).

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Typically I have a co-host each week that plays my “partner in crime” to help me interview the featured business and business owners in and around this area, but this week – I’m not sure how I managed to land someone from a company so awesome, a company so amazing, so astoundingly good at Real Estate… (ready to hear it?) It’s Kelly Hayes, the “Local Real Estate Expert” from Salman Home Realty! I may be biased, but she’s as awesome as the company she works for. Kelly donates a portion of each commission check to JDRF to help fight type-1 diabetes by finding a cure.

Ok – onto our feature. We found ourselves in downtown Haymarket at Tranquility Day Spa, and, as your host, I had to ensure that their services, were, in fact, relaxing. I’m the definition of sacrificial.

So we sat down with Gloria Harding, Tranquility Day Spa owner, to ask her a little bit about this relaxing paradise she’s created here in Haymarket. Tranquility Day Spa won in multiple categories in the Piedmont Lifestyle Magazine so we had to ask – “What do you do that makes Haymarket absolutely love you?”

Gloria’s reason? The people that work here. It may sound cliche, she says, but she says each team member turns an interaction into an experience.

And they don’t just dominate the local magazines. The Tranquility Day Spa has been featured in the Washingtonian Magazine that put them on the map. They were chosen as one of the top 10 salons in Northern Virginia.

From there, they’ve won just about every single award in their industry. They offer all the services of a full-service salon AND a full-service day spa. Facials, manicure, pedicures, massages – oh my, we’re in heaven, folks. They even have a sleep room? I wonder if they’re hiring… (kidding!).

But Tranquility Day Spa does more than just relaxing massages – they’ve given back a quarter of a million dollars a year to their local community through charitable donations, helped build an orphanage. They truly live up to their motto, “a love and compassion for beauty.”

Want to relax after a long 8-hour commute for 15 miles down 66? Who doesn’t? Here’s their information!
🛀 Tranquility Day Spa & Salon
🛀 15125 Washington St #304, Haymarket, VA 20169
🛀 (571) 248-4150
🛀 https://www.tranquilitydayspa.com/

Shoutout to our (awesome) featured video sponsor, Victoria King with TFB Mortgage! Thanks, Victoria!