Hey hey! Happy Thursday! They’re saying expect strong winds and storms in our area, so be on the lookout.

But – quick intro – I’m Lesley Salman, owner of Salman Home Realty (if you’re looking to buy, we’ve actually some pretty awesome homes listed right now) and when I’m not buying and selling Gainesville and Haymarket, I’m your host here at Going Gainesville!

Today I’m joined by none other than Rick Manfra of A Well Travelled Life – a custom travel advisory here to help you plan your vacations – which, in today’s crazy world, I’d need all the help I can get.

We’re at Cuppi Coffee – a new coffee shop in Bristow that you just have HAVE to check out. Dominic Shin, owner and head (coffee) brewer, tells us a little bit about what makes this coffee shop a pour above the rest.

Why did he open Cuppi Coffee? Watch the video to find out!

Special thanks to Victoria King, Mortgage Loan Officer with The Fauquier Bank, NMLS #314753, and to Marti with Potomac Title Group Services, and lastly to Dr. Ben Magee with Bull Run Capital Investments, LLC.