Hey guys – hope everyone’s Thursday is flyin’ high (more on that in a second). Can you believe we’re looking at 60-degree temps for the foreseeable future!? It’s officially fall in the DMV!

Anyways – quick intro. If you’re new here (which some of you are, we hit 11,000 likes this past week!), I’m your Going Gainesville host Lesley Salman. When I’m not running around gettin’ into trouble around #Gainesville and #Haymarket, I run Salman Home Realty – and let me just compliment my team for a second – they have been KILLING it in the real estate market this year. So if you or someone you know is looking for an awesome team to help them buy their dream home or sell their starter home, look no further. The “Goose” to my “Maverick” is Victoria King, Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS #314753 – together we make the dynamic home duo.

😎 But anyway – I’ve got the need… the need… for speed.

Today we’re taking you to somethin’ a little different. Piston2Jet: Flight Training and Aviation Solutions is one of the top flight schools in the area. They want consistent flight training to build good habits – long before you get your wings (and your aviators). Their goal? To train the best pilots – airlines, charter pilots, and private pilots.

“A pilot who is well trained, who is safe, who’s a professional and can be proud of what they learned.”

You can find out more about these guys (located at the Manassas Regional Airport) here:

🛫 Piston2Jet: Flight Training And Aviation Solutions
🛫 Phone: (703) 361-9200
🛫 Website: https://www.piston2jet.com/
🛫 Address: 10600 Observation Rd, Manassas, VA 20110

What an awesome place. If you have any interest AT ALL in aviation, you’re going to love this place!

Special thanks to Victoria King, Mortgage Loan Officer with The Fauquier Bank, NMLS #314753, and to Marti with Potomac Title Group Services, and lastly to Dr. Ben Magee with Bull Run Capital Investments, LLC.