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My co-host today is a new face – Claire LeMaster of LeMaster Photography! I dragged Claire to #Marshall, Virginia where we filmed today’s feature – Gentle Harvest!

We sat down with Laila Asbergs, the Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications at Gentle Harvest, (and somehow we all ended up color-matched which is awesome) where she gave us an overview of the endless options at this rather really unique spot.

What do they offer?
🌾 Cafe
🌾 Grocery Store
🌾 Full-Service Butcher
🌾 focusing on Local and Organic Products

🍷 Ever wonder what it would be like to sip wine and shop? You can do that here (I think I’ve found my new favorite grocer – sorry Giant).

Great Harvest offers local #wines, craft #beers, and #kombucha on tap so you can sip in their cafe or shop their aisles. Did I mention I love this idea?

If that didn’t convince you, there’s more that Great Harvest has to offer. The butcher. Full-service and using only local meats from Great Harvest’s own farm and their partner farms.
🐮 Pasture-Raised
🐮 Locally Sourced
🐮 Certified Organic
🐮 Certified Humane
🐮 Certified Non-GMO

If you couldn’t tell from the intro, Great Harvest is located in a once shuttered bank where they capitalized (that’s the beginning and end of my banking puns) on the old vault converting it into their wine vault (this literally just gets better and better).

Thought their meats sounded good? Their wines are better.
🍷 Locally Sourced
🍷 Organic
🍷 Sustainably Grown (both domestic and international)
🧀 Amazing #Cheese Selection (I’ve found heaven, folks)

And for you non-winos, they also offer…
🍻 Small Batch, Local Craft Beers

So obviously, have to do you all the favor of taste-testing the menu so it’s worthy of the Going Gainesville seal-of-approval, here’s what we bit into…
🍴 Beef Burger with organic cheddar cheese and house-smoked bacon on a whole wheat bun (but their offer gluten-free)
🍴 House smoked brisket sandwich with house-made coleslaw
🍴 Pumpkin bunt cake (YUM) …it even looks like a pumpkin…
🍴 Chocolate Chocolate cake (that’s not a typo) made with their farm’s eggs

I mean, I loved it. I loved it all. And you should too. Here’s where.
🌾 Gentle Harvest
🌾 Address: 8372 W Main St, Marshall, VA 20115
🌾 Phone: (540) 837-4405
🌾 https://www.gentleharvest.com/

And as always, thanks to my co-host and sponsor of this video, Joe Brown – Caliber Home Loans, Inc.!