Hey hey hey! Happy Thursday.

Before we get to our featured video (and find our zen), did you know we’re having our Annual Christmas “Jingle and Mingle” tonight at Eclipse Restaurant and Bar at 5:00PM til Santa shuts us down. So, honestly, would love to see you – and you’ll be able to meet and mingle with the amazing people and companies we’ve featured over the past year. Please come, grab a drink, and relax a little with us!

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Onto our featured video – but first, there’s more! A little bit about this page, what we’re doing here, and who’s your host (me). Going Gainesville was started as a passion project to help our area better connect with the people and businesses who make it so great. We feature cool restaurants, charities the help our local community, people doing good for their neighbors, etc. We cover a majority of Gainesville and Haymarket, but we also venture out into Marshall and Warrenton – anything that’s within driving distance of our mainstay.

Who am I? I’m your host and when I’m not running around filming local shops and good samaritans or bugging Joe Brown – Caliber Home Loans, Inc. (who sponsored this video – thanks Joe!), I’m out helping the local real estate scene buy their dream homes or sell at their dream prices. I run a local real estate agency called Salman Home Realty, so if you’re looking for someone who knows Gainesville and Haymarket like the back of their hands, I can nearly promise you, you’re not going to find anymore who knows more than me (after a year of running Going Gainesville, I know more about this area than I ever dreamed of).

Ok onto the video. I’m joined by my first-time-ever co-host Samantha Spittle from the Flushing It Out Podcast (https://flushingitout.transistor.fm/ / https://www.facebook.com/flushingitout). Thanks for joining me!

We are at Sweet Zen7 Health Bar & More today in Bristow, VA. Now Sweet Zen7 is pretty unique – it’s food and treats, but with a healthy twist. We sat down with the owners, Letty and Lynn, to see what makes Sweet Zen7 such a (tasty) treasure for Bristow.

This it’s just a simple ice cream shop? Think again. “It’s completely different,” says Letty. It’s not even called ice cream – it’s NICE cream at Sweet Zen7 (love a good pun – especially when it helps my waistline). Their “nice cream” is gluten-free, organic and local, and made with nitrogen!? Yes, you read that right.

But they don’t stop at nice cream. Sweet Zen7 goes the distance when it comes to holistic healing both for the palate and the place. From essential oils to hydrosols and the famed elderberry syrup – Sweet Zen7’s mission is a simple, yet healthy one: To provide alternatives without side effects.

Their goal is to treat yourself to things you want while at the same time, treating your body to things you need. They find that with all the allergy sensitivities, it breaks up family time – which is something these ladies have set out to fix. Now the whole family can enjoy a treat night out together – unhindered by peanut allergies or gluten sensitivities.

CBD? They’ve got that too – even Fido can get in on this latest health phenomenon with treats sold at Sweet Zen7. CBD helps with a myriad of issues on a seemingly endless list of positives from anxiety to inflammation.

So what did we try? Hand-made of course, we tasted:

🍊 Tropical Treasure Nice Cream (with fresh pineapple juiced on site – NO added sugars AND no guilt)
🍊 Pure ginger shot (also juiced at the shop – I love LOVE ginger)

Sweet Zen7 is as unique as it is amazing. We really enjoyed checking this local gem out – and now that I’ll definitely be living 5 years longer due to that ginger shot, I’ll have plenty of time to keep coming back. Which you should too! Here’s the info:

🍊 12757 Braemar Village Plz, Bristow, Virginia 20136, United States
🍊 (703) 330-4440
🍊 https://sweetzen7icedreamery.com/